Chicago Cubs remain one of the most talented teams in the National League

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The Chicago Cubs have a very long history. Some good history, and a whole lot of bad.  But, this current team, as assembled, with this core, is going to re-write the history of this organization moving forward, and they’ve already started to do that, dating back three years ago.

Over the course of their history, starting in 1876, the Chicago Cubs have just 25 playoff appearances, and most of those coming at the time when dinosaurs still ruled the earth.  Three of those appearances have come in the last three seasons, including a World Series championship. Anthony Rizzo, Kris Bryant, Javier Baez and Addison Russell were on all of those teams, and they are going to be members of the Cubs roster for the foreseeable future, barring something drastic.

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2016 ended a drought of 71 years without even making it to the World Series, and a 108-year drought of winning the World Series. 2017 marked the third-straight season in which the Cubs made the NLCS, but they fell short of their second-straight pennant, losing in five games to the Los Angeles Dodgers.

What this group has done

This is a golden age of Cubs baseball, and we all need to enjoy it. 292 wins in three years, two division titles, effectively ending the Cardinals’ reign of terror.  And, yet,  when you scour social media and read the comments, which is a terrible idea, people and fans still want to find a way to complain, and make foolish trade suggestions.

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Cubs fans don’t know how good they have it at this point. They should reign in the National League for a good three-to-five years yet.  If there is a problem, Theo and Jed have done a good job of fixing it, whether it be in the bullpen or the rotation, or even within the position players. Expect them to keep doing that, especially this off season.

The Marlins are reportedly cutting payroll in a big way. The bullpen crop is solid in this free agent class. Don’t be surprised if the Cubs swoop in and grab one of their studs, shoring up the bullpen.

Realistically, the Central Division and NLCS should be a regular thing for the Cubs in these next few years.  They may not win all of them, but, this core is well on their way to winning another World Series.  We, as fans, need to enjoy watching this team play.

Hey, at least the Cubs didn’t blow a 3-1 lead in the World Series.