Chicago Cubs: The chances of extending Anthony Rizzo

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Buyer beware?

Rizzo is worth and has earned a huge contract. But at 32 years old, an age where most ballplayers have their best playing days behind them, how much is he actually worth? For that, we look at comparables.

Albert Pujols, another slugging 1st baseman, signed his massive deal with the Los Angeles Angels at 32. If you recall, it was a whopping 10-year, $240 million deal; one that’s still going. We’re not saying Rizzo is on the same plane as prime Pujols but consider this. Almost everyone now agrees that the deal is an atrocity. Pujols just hasn’t been the same since his Cardinal days, and while he’s been a solid player, he’s not worth $24 million-a-year.

Considering Rizzo’s remarkable consistency, it’s safe to assume he’ll still be playing at a high level if he hits free agency. At that point, he’ll be worth a contract like Pujols’, based on what he’s already done. But would he be worth the money moving forward? That’s the question that all general managers ask themselves when deciding whether or not to pull the trigger.

Of course, the Cubs could avoid some of that drama and lock Rizzo up once more with another extension. However, that comes with its own set of risks.