Chicago Cubs: The chances of extending Anthony Rizzo

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Chicago Cubs Team leader Anthony Rizzo signed a super team-friendly deal back in 2013. Now that he’s a superstar, how should the Cubs handle him moving forward?

On May 13, 2013, the Chicago Cubs gave first baseman Anthony Rizzo a seven-year, $41 million contract extension. The deal, which runs through 2019 with two club options after that, was seen as a steal by some but a risk by others.

With only 172 games played in the majors at that point, it’s a lot of money to give to someone who had yet to play a full season in Chicago. However, it’s become clear now that the investment paid off big time.

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Since the signing, Rizzo has become one of the best first basemen in the league. With a slash line of .271/.376/.499 since that day that only a few can match, it’s apparent that the Cubs made a smart move. Since he’s been so great, the inevitable question arises. Should the Cubs give him another, more lucrative extension? It’s a tricky situation that requires looking at it from all angles, so we’ll explore them here.

First of all, let’s break down the deal. Rizzo’s initial contract runs through 2019. After that, the team has two club options at $14.5 million apiece. Given that the best players in the league routinely haul in at least $20 million per year, it’s a guarantee the Cubs pick them both up.

So for all intents and purposes, Rizzo will be a Cub through 2021. He’ll be 32 by the time the deal expires, which raises some questions for those wanting to bring him back.