Chicago Cubs News: Cubs take the series from the Diamondbacks

PHOENIX, AZ - AUGUST 13: Infielder Ben Zobrist
PHOENIX, AZ - AUGUST 13: Infielder Ben Zobrist /

The Chicago Cubs beat the Arizona Diamondbacks 7-2 to take the series from the Wild Card front runner and maintain a one game lead in the NL Central over the St. Louis Cardinals.

The Chicago Cubs got another start reminiscent of the old Jake Arrieta as they beat the Diamondbacks 7-2 on Sunday. Arrieta went six innings, allowing just a run on three hits. It’s not quite as good as he was in the second half of the 2015 season, but the Cubs will welcome it anyway. It’s the sixth straight game he’s pitched at least six innings and allowed three runs or less.

Not too long ago, Javier Baez had struck out five times in one game. If the pitcher threw the ball, Baez was swinging. But with Addison Russell out, the young but streaky hitter has found his way again. And the one thing you can’t question is that when he makes contact with the ball, it goes a long, long way. His three-run home on Sunday was enough to help the Cubs lock up the victory.

After the Cubs lost to the Diamondbacks on Saturday on terrible third strike call, Ben Zobrist emphasized his belief that MLB needs to go to an electronic strike zone. The call made was atrocious but maybe not the worst one he’s had. Twice Zobrist has been on the end of a horrible call that ended a game. He’s ready to see the e-zone come into play sooner than later.

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