Chicago Cubs: What does the future hold for Ben Zobrist?

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Zobrist has been known for his versatility throughout his entire career.

The thing is, he hasn’t looked all that versatile lately.  For all intents and purposes, Zobrist is a second baseman.  Can he physically stand in the outfield with a glove on?  Yes, but he looks extremely uncomfortable while doing so.

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Whenever a fly ball is hit to him in the outfield, he gets the ‘deer in the headlights’ look.  Zobrist can play second base, but he isn’t even the best second base option.  The best option at second would be Javier Baez.

If Zobrist can’t play the outfield and he isn’t the best second baseman – where do you put him?  There isn’t a good fit.

If there were a DH in the NL, that wouldn’t change a whole lot for Zobrist.  You could put Kyle Schwarber at DH (where he belongs), Baez at second, Happ in left, and everyone else would fall into their usual position.

For his sake, Zobrist should’ve been rooting against Ian Happ.  Obviously, Zobrist isn’t that guy, but now that Happ has shown that he’s statically better than him, Zobrist doesn’t seem to fit anywhere.

Once again, I acknowledge that Ben Zobrist is the 2016 World Series Most Valuable Player.