Chicago Cubs: Cubs reportedly still pursuing Oakland’s Sonny Gray

OAKLAND, CA - JUNE 30: Sonny Gray
OAKLAND, CA - JUNE 30: Sonny Gray /

Hours after the Chicago Cubs acquired Jose Quintana in a blockbuster, news has spread about them also trying to nab Sonny Gray. 

In a move that no one saw coming (well, except KatyPerrysBootyHole and wetbutt23), the Chicago Cubs acquired White Sox ace Jose Quintana. It took the team’s top two prospects, but the squad now has a young, controllable top-tier pitcher to play with.

However, the team may not be finished. Baseball insider Jon Morosi reported Friday morning that the team remains interested in A’s ace Sonny Gray as well.


Morosi is absolutely right. The Cubs do have rotation questions next year and beyond, even after getting Quintana. Gray is a phenomenal pitcher as well, and is under team control through 2019.

Every team would love to have Gray. But if the rumors are legitimate, what would it take to nab him? And should they even go for it?

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First of all, this could be a ruse to drive up the price for any other team looking to acquire Gray’s services. It’s a classic move that teams have been using for years. Feigning interest means your rival (Brewers?) will trade more valuable pieces than they normally would have.

Big league talent on the move?

If the Cubs’ interest is genuine than it’s a different story. For one, the asking price would without a doubt have to include talent from the major league roster. Eloy Jimenez and Dylan Cease belong to the White Sox now, and the A’s won’t take fringe prospects in return for a top-tier pitcher.

No, it’ll take a Javy Báez, Ian Happ or Kyle Schwarber-centered package. With that said, would a move then be worth it? After all, Gray has a history of injury problems and struggled in 2016. Young, controllable starting pitching is undoubtedly valuable, but at what cost?

Whatever happens, don’t expect a move right away. Being that Gray as of now is the only upper-level starter being shopped, Oakland will take its time examining every possible deal in order to get maximum value for him. They’ll probably wait until closer to the deadline to pull the trigger.

A rotation core of Lester, Quintana, Gray and Hendricks for the next two-and-a-half years is definitely intriguing. However, since 2018 is the year of free agency, the Cubs may wait and see if they can’t just buy a top-tier starter.

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Keep your eyes and ears open folks. Now that the first domino has fallen, it could spell the beginning of open trade season. Could the Cubs make another power move? We’ll just have to wait and see.