Chicago Cubs: The amount of jerseys this season has gotten ridiculous

CINCINNATI, OH - JULY 02: Koji Uehara
CINCINNATI, OH - JULY 02: Koji Uehara /

The Chicago Cubs have worn their fair share of different jerseys this year. In fact, the Cubs lead the way with 10 different uniform combinations this year. That puts them one ahead of the White Sox who are wearing their ninth. Is this all necessary?

I must admit, I used to enjoy seeing the Chicago Cubs break out a new jersey from time to time. The throwbacks were always fun, and thanks to Javier Baez, it’ll be hard to forget the Mother’s Day unis they wore that day. But it’s becoming clear that it’s about MLB and making a few dollars during this stretch.

Most of the uniforms go to a good cause, by supporting cancer charities and helping military veterans. I mean, I can’t lie. I had to get a Baez jersey with the gold numbers and names for the World Series. Come on, as much as we like to think this is a dynasty in the making I’m not taking any chances. I bought mine right away.

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Growing up, teams had a home and away jersey, and that was it. Then teams–the White Sox are one of the first I remember–added the “alternate” to the mix. The Cubs got in on that action a few years ago with the dark blue–which I again have. I’m probably not the best to make a case against this, but it has become a bit much.

How many are TOO many?

So if you’re keeping score–home pinstripes, away gray and the alternate blue. Then you have the gold lettered uniforms in honor of winning the World Series. Then it was the Leland Giants throwbacks in honor of the Negro League. Then you have the Mother’s Day (pink), Father’ Day (blue) and Memorial Day (hunter green). Then for this Independence Day, the stars and stripes have come out. And some teams will wear multiple as they have travel days during the “special uniform period.”

But I have to admit, the last one that MLB has in mind is quite intriguing. From August 25 to 27, it will be “Player’s Weekend.” It’ll be a chance for players to break from the restrictions of MLB’s rules and “do their own thing.” Players will be able to put nicknames on their jerseys. And the restrictions on batting gloves, wristbands and more will be relaxed to allow players to show who they are. They’ll also be able to wear patches acknowledging a person or organization that helped make them who they are. Spoiler–I’ll end up buying one as they’re expected to be available for sale.

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All sports seem to take part in this. Football has its breast cancer awareness uniforms. The NBA seems always to be doing something different with their jerseys. I must admit, I don’t know if the NHL takes part in such a thing. I don’t feel like they do, but feel free to comment and let me know. But for baseball, they may have taken it a step too far. I can tell you this. If high school kids had to deal with this many variations, there’s a good chance that someone isn’t playing because they grabbed the wrong jersey.