Chicago Cubs: We’re starting to close in on Spring Training action


The Chicago Cubs are preparing to get back to work following a World Series campaign. After another eventful offseason, expectations remain through the roof. How will things play out?

While the rest of our country has their eyes glued to the TV as newly sworn in President Donald Trump takes over, I’m staring at the calendar. Not just the calendar but the clock as well, anxiously waiting for Chicago Cubs baseball.

Surely, I’m not the only one waiting to hear, “Chicago Cubs baseball is on the air!” coming from Pat Hughes on the radio. Not to mention, Len and J.D. calling the shots from either WGN or CSN Chicago.

During the White House visit, it was said that sports tend to bring us together. Which is absolutely true.

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Sitting on the couch with the family while our boys in blue take the field or attending the game at Wrigley Field. Socializing with people you have never even met before.

Why do you do it? Because sports is something we all have in common. Nobody cares about your political beliefs at the ballgame, talk about what just happened on the field.

Spring Training

Honestly, my year doesn’t start until baseball comes back. On February 15th, pitchers and catchers will report to Mesa, Arizona. Well, southpaw Jon Lester and a few other players may end up making their way out to Arizona ahead of time.

In fact, right-fielder Jason Heyward made his way to the Grand Canyon State in order to make proper adjustments to his swing. It looked as if Jason was having a hard time keeping up with fastballs during the regular and postseason.

Now that Dexter Fowler is out of the picture, Heyward is going to need to kick it into second gear. Flexing in the batters’ box while flashing that Gold Glove leather on the field.

If the Cubs have any hopes of continuing their regular season havoc, Heyward must contribute more, offensively. Same goes for Kyle Schwarber who practically missed the entire regular season and the first two rounds of October baseball.

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Skipper Joe Maddon is ready to get back to work as well. He has had a ton of success over the past few years since joining the Chicago Cubs and will want to add another World Series title to his Hall of Fame resume.

Hopefully, he is able to help manage this club to multiple championship titles along the way on top of claiming Manager of the Year honors. Good thing he is on our side for years to come. Now, someone wake me up when our boys get to Arizona.