Chicago Cubs: Want to be a World Series ring bearer for the Cubs?


The Chicago Cubs are a month away from reporting to Mesa, Arizona in the preparation of another possible repeat. Meanwhile, they put together a small contest that will involve fans.

Have you ever imagined yourself standing alongside the Chicago Cubs? Walking out from the dugout, standing on that grass within Wrigley Field. Standing there, looking up at the stands where you watched countless ballgames.

Memories flooding your mind of your first game, a huge Cubs win, and maybe, a postseason appearance. For awhile, the Cubs have been reaching out to fans, allowing them to take part in specific ceremonies.

Aside from being the honorary bat boy or girl, this organization loves including those who pull for this club year-after-year. As they should.

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It hasn’t been easy to wear these colors but at the end of the day, we wear them with pride. Showing our love for a team who has been riddled with multiple curses and heartbreaking defeat, we always showed up or tuned in.

In addition to our previous pain, fans have passed down their love to their own children, grandchildren, etc. My Grandfather introduced me to this Cubs team at a very young age and I’ve been around ever since.

Be part of history

Now, the Cubs tradition has been handed down to my nieces and nephews. This team brings families together and helps through the tough times. Hence the names chalked on the brick wall outside Wrigley Field.

For this reason, the Cubs are currently looking for World Series ring bearers according to their official website. In order to participate, fans (or loved ones who wish to nominate) will need to make a video that is 60 seconds or less, making your case as a Cubs fan.

Those who wish to make a video need to include the hashtag, CubsRingBearer and need to be 18 years or older. The deadline just so happens to be the day before players report to Mesa, which is February 14th, 2017. Valentine’s Day.

In addition to the video, rules have been applied. Basic stuff such as copyright material, profanity, or degrading anyone else who has entered. Understandable.

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For those who were lucky enough to be picked, you will take part in a ceremony which will take place when the Los Angeles Dodgers are in town. Although it won’t be Opening Day, 20 fans will present a ring to a player or coach.

Either way, that’s pretty cool. So if you have any desire on wanting to take part in this historical moment, again, visit the Chicago Cubs website for more details. How awesome would it be to hand Joe Maddon a ring?