Chicago Cubs: Will there be a movie about the 2016 World Champs?


The Chicago Cubs made history in 2016 when they ended their 108-year championship drought. Erasing the pain of millions of fans, we can all sleep with ease.

As you all know, Shout Factory! helped put together a Blu-ray/DVD recapping the Chicago Cubs 2016 World Series run. From commentary to highlights throughout the regular season, I’ve personally watched that film at least five or six times already.

Honestly, that number may not be accurate. Now, in 2015, the Cubs made their first appearance in the LCS since 2003. Holding the third-best record in professional baseball, eliminating both the Pittsburgh Pirates and St. Louis Cardinals.

However, like 2003, we experienced the same pain of being sent packing while another team celebrated a pennant on our turf.

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I use the word we considering the ups and downs experienced while rooting for this club who has been counted out many times.

Since that awful night in 2003, several documentaries have been made for multiple cable companies in the United States. Mainly, the infamous Bartman incident.

A moment in time that has been played over and over as the Cubs prepared themselves for a potential postseason run. It wasn’t easy to escape or keep out of mind. Except for 2016.

What if?

Now, what are the chances of a film being made about the 2016 Chicago Cubs? Surely, directors and other members of the film industry are scrambling to put something together. When looking back at some of the greatest baseball film’s in history, it’s hard to ignore one name.

That’s right, Kevin Costner. Costner has been a part of some of the best baseball movies ever made. For instance, For The Love of the Game, Field of Dreams, and Bull Durham. This man knows how to capture the hearts of baseball fans everywhere.

Brad Pitt turned in a fantastic performance as Billy Beane in the 2011 film, Moneyball, which highlighted Beane’s attempt at putting together a contender on a small budget. He was successful despite not winning a World Series

Beane’s tactics were picked up by Cubs’ President Theo Epstein. Epstein used the same mindset to help the Boston Red Sox (Fever Pitch) erase a curse of their own and did the same with the Cubs last year. So if there is a movie about the Cubs, Epstein may end up being the focus of the movie.

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Alongside Epstein, Beane (Pitt) could make an appearance during the Addison Russell trade. A trade that Beane was hoping to bring in a World Series title of his own. It did not work out for him but it opened the door for Russell.

And then you have Joe Maddon. Maddon has proven to be one of the sharpest minds to ever manage a professional club. He reached the promise land with the Tampa Bay Rays in 2008 but fell short to the Philadelphia Phillies.

His decision to jump ship from Tampa to Chicago was another spark that set this World Series plan in motion. Also, Anthony Rizzo. The original corner piece to this team. So many different stories, rolled into one storybook ending could go down as the greatest baseball movie, ever.

But go ahead and take your time, Hollywood. We waited patiently for a championship, having to wait a little while for a movie would be worth it.