Chicago Cubs: Pitching help wanted


Another day, another game, another loss given to the bullpen staff. The “Help Wanted” sign is officially posted for the Chicago Cubs pen.

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Following a solid five-inning start by

Adam Warren


Trevor Cahill

gave up a three-run homer in the seventh inning, leading to his third loss out of the pen. That makes eight losses for the bullpen staff. Sure, that does not sound horrible; however, those losses account for 25% of the teams total losses. That also means that the team had a lead before the bullpen came in.

Thank you, Captain Obvious.

You’re welcome. Now is the time to make the move and prepare for the second half of the season. The pitching market has plenty of talent, but are the Cubs prepared to give up some of their’s in order to make it to the World Series? I am sorry, Theo and Jed. It is time to let go of someone we all love and move the team forward. Who will you choose to move?

Not Kyle Schwarber, at least according to ESPN’s Jesse Rogers. In a report earlier today, Rogers say that Epstein told Schwarber he is not going anywhere. Good, great, grand, wonderful.  Schwarber is still on the bus. That may limit what the Cubs can do in the trade market. Willson Contreras is probably also safe at this moment due to David Ross‘s concussion issue.

Regardless of WHO is traded, WHOM the Cubs receive is a higher priority. Whoever it is most likely will be in the bullpen unless Maddon sticks with the 6-man rotation and moved Warren back to the pen. Here are the top solutions:

  • A Yankee: Brian Cashman is going to move players, and has pitching. Whether it is Dellin Betances, Aroldis Chapman, or Andrew Miller does not matter to the Cubs at this point. Honestly, I would love to see Chapman’s energy on the team (something has been missing since Jason Motte‘s left). Betances is the most affordable at just over $500k per year until 2020. Chapman would most likely be a rental until the end of the year while Miller’s contract goes for $9 million a year until 2019. My vote, Betances to set up for Rondon.
  • Chris Archer

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  • Arodys Vizcaino: I talked about this in a previous post, and it still stands to reason that he may be the best option and the Braves are going to deal. He has struggled a bit of late but he still has a 2.75 ERA and 10 saves out of 28 wins.
  • Cam Bedrosian

    : Who?

    Cam Bedrosian

    , from the Angels. In 34 appearances this year, he has pitched 30 innings, with 30 Ks, 9 walks, and 4 earned runs. He also has 7 holds, same as

    Travis Wood

    . He is young, inexpensive, and the Angels could use help in the outfield and a future DH.

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  • A White Sox?: Why not? They are not really in the race anymore. Why not a player that costs $660K, pitched 40 games with 18 holds and 0.84 WHIP? I would hate to lose a player to the Bad Guys, but Nate Jones could be the guy the Cubs need.