Chicago Cubs: The season doesn’t end in July


Making the All-star game is an achievement any player should be proud of and what the Chicago Cubs infield has done is nothing short of amazing. There is only one issue I have with all the hype about the upcoming event. It is played in July.

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Last I remember, the

Chicago Cubs

were swinging for October and losing the World Series wasn’t an option we were going to be satisfied with. That being said, the Cubs players participating in the All-star game have a chance to make sure game one of the big showdown will be at Wrigley Field if they are able to get back on track.

The Cubs have only won five games during the last two weeks, and both their starting rotation and the bullpen are currently experiencing some major issues. They have given up a total of 87 runs in their last 14 outings. That is an average of almost six per game. They have also struggled with the wood during this time, hopefully as players return from injuries that will change.

In all likelihood, there will be some changes made after the break. The players will get some much-needed time off during the All-star break and hopefully, the rest will provide a second wind. The Cubs have some great prospects that could make their presence known throughout the second half of the season and they have some players that could be traded to bring some additional character to the dugout.

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Chicago had an amazing start and is undoubtedly one of the top teams in the National league. But if we woke up in the morning and it was September, how far would we go? Within the last week, we were swept by the Mets and lost a series opener in on the north side. To The Reds. Could we hang with some of the big boys and take four out of seven games if the season depended on it? Having an entire infield start is an exciting accomplishment and would mean a lot if the season ended in July. Hopefully, the spectacle will be what the Cubbies need to get their attention back where it needs to be.