Chicago Cubs: Interview with Anthony Rizzo on joining BodyArmor sports drink

Anthony Rizzo drinking BodyArmor sports drink
Anthony Rizzo drinking BodyArmor sports drink /

The Chicago Cubs Anthony Rizzo has joined BODYARMOR, a new premium sports drink, as a partner and investor, joining several other high profile athletes including Mike Trout, Kobe Bryant and Skylar Diggins to name a few.

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This morning the announcement came that

Chicago Cubs

first baseman Anthony Rizzo would be partnering with BodyArmor, a new premium sports drink that is looking to take on the “good ol’ boys” of sports drinks. BodyArmor is made with coconut water, electrolytes and none of the artificial colors like other sports drinks. As the brand continues to grow, Rizzo joins a list of athletes that are not just paid spokespersons for the product but investors in it as well.

Ahead of the announcement we had the chance to speak with Rizzo on his new partnership, the Cubs “zany” road trip and more.

Nicholas Blazek: Congratulations on joining the BODYARMOR team. What was it about the product that intrigued you?

Anthony Rizzo: I just really like the product. There’s good people behind it pushing to make it more well known, and the guys on the team–the athletes that endorse it–some are young and up and coming, others established and to be part of that group is pretty cool.

NB:It’s growing quickly, so did it mean more to be an investor than simply a paid spokesperson for the product?

AR: It’s really cool to be part of something like this, and now to be part of something that will grow into a monster sports drink. It’s a more natural, healthier product and has the same effect as other sports drinks.


You’re on the road trip with the “zany minimalist” suits. Do the things like these trips that

Joe Maddon

does make the game more fun for you?

Rizzo Bottle Shot
Rizzo Bottle Shot /

AR: We do a really good job of having fun, Joe I would say enhances it a little bit. It’s just the looseness of it and the “if you think you look hot, wear it” attitude. You really never know what to expect from him.

NB: On the trip, yourself, Justin Grimm, Kris Bryant and David Ross all wore some form of “stars and stripes”, was that planned?

AR: It just worked out that way. I’m pretty sure everyone paired with someone. So coincidentally it just worked out that way.

NB: The last few games with the Pirates have had some tense moments. Do you feel the Cubs v. Pirates are becoming the biggest rival? Or do you look at all the teams in the division the same way?

AR: I definitely think the Pirates and Cardinals, but anytime we play the other teams we know we have to be ready to play. That’s one thing we’re really good at, whether we play the Pirates or a high school team we’re going to play the same way every day.

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AR: It’s good, it’s such a platform that we’re on. Going out and helping the way we can and the way are foundation is run is bigger than anything I could ever do in baseball. Also, to be able to help families and help kids any way possible is a really good feeling.

NB: I think cancer touches all families at some point and we all appreciate what you guys do.

AR: Yeah, thank you. It sucks, it definitely does. But to be able to help anyway possible is a good feeling.

We’d like to thank Anthony Rizzo for taking time out of his day to give us a few minutes of his time, as well as the BodyArmor public relations team of Carina and Katie who helped make this possible.