Chicago Cubs: Why the Cubs and Fowler both made a mistake


The news broke Tuesday that former Chicago Cubs center fielder, Dexter Fowler had finally come to terms on a three-year contract with the Baltimore Orioles.

Fowler was one of the last well-known free agents still available heading into spring training.

Did Dexter Fowler make a mistake by not signing with the Chicago Cubs? Did the Cubs make a mistake by not convincing Fowler to sign on for a one-year contract? It is all speculation now, but there is a reason to believe that Fowler could have made even more money next year.

Fowler is getting a small amount of stability with a three-year contract and a nice payday at $35 million. If he would have signed the one-year tender the Chicago Cubs offered him at the end of the 2015 season, he would have made a reported $15.8 million.

Yes, he would have to settle for another one-year contract and not the big payday that he was hoping for. But he would have had a one-year deal with a contending team that he could continue to thrive with and increase his value.

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Plus, the 2017 free agent class is scheduled to be a down year all around, especially at centerfield.

The Chicago Cubs would have won with this because they do not need a long-term solution right now with Albert Almora not far from being major league ready. It would also allow for newly signed prized free agent, Jason Heyward to play his natural position of right field.

Signing that contract the Cubs offered would have been a win-win for both Fowler and the Chicago Cubs. Another solid year from Fowler, and possibly another outstanding postseason run with the Cubs, Fowler could have received an even larger contract from a team in need of a leadoff and center fielder.

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The Cubs would have had their center fielder and their leadoff hitter that sparked a lot of great innings for the Chicago Cubs high-powered offense.

But this is all talk for not, Fowler is happy with his new contract and his new home. The Cubs are certainly happy with their position, as they are being called early favorites to come out of the National League. Maybe in the fall Fowler will return to Wrigley Field for postseason play – only time will tell.