Chicago Cubs: Is the DH coming to the NL?; A year without Ernie Banks


It’s been a year since the Chicago Cubs great Ernie Banks passed away. A look back at Mr. Cub, as well as talk that the DH could be gaining steam in coming to the National League.

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Some fans are excited about it. Others? It makes us cringe. But it’s possible that the designated hitter may be coming to the National League, especially with the CBA coming up in 2017. The reasons for or against are countless. But with a new guard in ownership for many teams, the thinking towards the DH has started to change. Where owners used to stonewall the possibility while the players wanted it (it creates another lineup spot each day), it appears the consensus may be changing. Things will remain traditional until at least 2017 when the CBA will need to be renewed.

It’s been a year since the great Ernie Banks passed away. The Cubs honored him all last season, but the fact is they didn’t need a patch to remember Mr. Cub. He wasn’t just one of the Cubs’ greats but one of baseball’s best. His play coupled with his upbeat attitude made him a favorite of anyone that knew him. “Let’s play two” still resonates with fans and Banks memory isn’t going to fade without a patch or the No. 14 behind the plate.

The snow in New York may have kept the public away, but the BBWAA Awards continued as players and their families carried on in a private ceremony at the New York Midtown Hilton. Kris Bryant and Jake Arrieta collected their hardware while looking quite dapper while the blizzard was the most talked about subject of the event. The awards will air on MLB Network January 29 at 10 p.m. ET.

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