Chicago Cubs: Prospect Dan Vogelbach could draw interest from the Red Sox


There comes a time when a professional athlete decides that enough is enough. We’ve seen some of the greats ride off into the sunset, which is upsetting to see, but not everybody is promised to do what they love until they leave this earth.

For Boston Red Sox designated hitter, David Ortiz, his time in Major League Baseball will come to an end after the 2016 campaign. This should open the door for Chicago Cubs prospect Dan Vogelbach, who has a similar build and style of play as the 40-year-old slugger.

I’m not trying to compare a 23-year-old kid to someone who has been launching balls out of parks since the early 90’s. But you can’t help but see potential in a player who could eventually become a legends successor.

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That is if the Red Sox were interested in acquiring Vogelbach and his services in the near future.

Sure, the Cubs have themselves a handful of trade chips in their back pockets that will more than likely reel in another starting pitcher. Right now, Javier Baez and Jorge Soler have been the two rising stars that seem to be attracting the most attention.

With Baez learning a second position in center field and Soler staying put in right field, for now, Vogelbach appears to be Chicago’s biggest trade piece out of the bunch.

At least to an American League team looking to add depth at either first base or designated hitters slot. Having the extra batter in your lineup has provided players with an opportunity to help their team win ball games.

Some are a fan of the rule while others are not.

Another team that may contact Theo Epstein and the rest of this front-office may be the same team who managed to acquire infielder Starlin Castro for Adam Warren and Brendan Ryan.

Alex Rodriguez has, at least, two years left in the tank before he joins a massive list of players that we have all grown up watching. Sure, he hasn’t been much of a positive influence on the world of professional baseball over the last decade or so, but he was still a powerful bat in multiple lineups throughout his career.

Through five minor league seasons under the Cubs, Vogelbach has hammered 60 home runs, 267 RBI, five triples, 97 doubles, and 444 total hits while hitting .283/.383/.466.