Chicago Cubs sign outfielder Kelly Dugan to a minor league deal


While former center fielder Dexter Fowler remains unsigned, the Chicago Cubs continued to add depth to their outfield by picking up guys who are currently flying under the radar.

Or at least, one, for the time being.

According to a Philadelphia Phillies minor league affiliate, the Williamsport Cutters, the Cubs signed 25-year-old outfielder Kelly Dugan to a minor league deal.

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Dugan is a former 2009 MLB sound round draft pick who decided to skip college and jump to the big leagues straight out of high school. He stands at 6’3 and weighs in around 210 pounds with experience in all three outfield positions and an additional 30 starts at first base throughout his minor league career.

When it comes to the outfield, he’s started 325 games in right with a fielding percentage of .984, 64 games in left field at .979 percent, and 32 games at center field with his lowest fielding percentage of .973 between the three.

Having a guy such as Dugan on this roster would definitely help out Chicago’s minor league affiliates, but I’m not expecting him to make the big league roster despite jumping from A+, Double, and Triple-A for the Phillies in 2015.

Throughout his young career, Dugan has sustained multiple injuries which resulted in him missing a handful of playing time since the 2009 campaign. He’s gone through multiple foot injuries including turf toe, a broken foot, a stress fracture in his back, and an oblique injury.

Hopefully, he’s able to stay healthy in case Joe Maddon decides to use him this season. Another outfielder who will likely continue to make his way from the minors to majors will be Matt Szczur.

Szczur, 26, started out in Triple-A Iowa last season but found his way to the Windy City a few times throughout the campaign. While the Cubs led the league in walk-off hits, Szczur joined in when Pittsburgh Pirates right fielder, Gregory Polanco lost his footing, allowing a routine fly ball hit the grass.

Matt has turned into a fan favorite providing the club with solid contact and speed when both on base and in the outfield.