Chicago Cubs: Jason Heyward signing makes statement


If there was any doubt that the Chicago Cubs believed they are a World Series contender, the signing of Jason Heyward let the rest of the league know the team is in it to win it.

The Chicago Cubs have wasted no time addressing the holes that they had from last year’s NLCS team. The added John Lackey to improve the rotation. The signed veteran Ben Zobrist and traded Starlin Castro. And now for the grand finale (maybe), they sign Jason Heyward to a record deal to play center field, by most assumptions. It’s a deal with some risk, but the Cubs are looking at that proverbial window to win and signing Heyward is a big move.

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The eight-year, $184 million deal has two opt-outs, which means the team is guaranteed Heyward for three years, then from there he could opt-out, ala Zack Greinke, and go for more money. but the Cubs will have him for some of his prime years, which isn’t different from when the team signed Alfonso Soriano later in his career. Heyward is a free agent much earlier than most, and very well could be paid handsomely again.

The offseason is far from over, and the rumors of the Cubs looking to add another starting pitcher–possibly through trade–are not out of the question. What’s clear is that Theo & Co. have their foot on the gas as they speed towards 2016.

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