Chicago Cubs: Could Alex Gordon come to Chicago?


The Cubs need a center fielder, so could KC’s Alex Gordon be the answer?

Oh, the sweet warmth of the Hot Stove. Rumors and news spill from everywhere. Some with strong validity, others just plucked from the air of hope. So how about Alex Gordon from Kansas City? Of all the names that have been mentioned, there’s just a legitimate a chance as he could sign with the Cubs as anyone else. We delve into the possibility of bringing him to Chicago–along with his veteran leadership and championship experience.

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Jason Hammel had a solid year for the Cubs in 2015, but consistency issues plagued him in the second half. It was a similar story to last year in Oakland after the trade that sent him to the A’s. He still factors in as one of the Cubs key guys in the rotation, but where exactly is to be determined as he looks to solve his second half woes. came up with a list of the top five most pressing needs in free agency, and the Cubs fall on that list. But it’s not for pitching like you might think but for a center fielder. Dexter Fowler was a catalyst for the offense, and there’s still a chance he could return if the Cubs can strike a deal with another and he’s still available. But they need that guy at the top to drive the offense.

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