Are the Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians good trade partners?


The early offseason develops a lot more speculation and rumors then you’ll hear during the July trade deadline – and that is saying something. Every writer and every insider will have their phones and social media pages attached to them to try to keep up on all the comings and goings in the rumor mill.

While nothing concrete has really come up yet with the Chicago Cubs, it is always nice to play “Fantasy General Manager” and try to think up of different trade partners for the Cubs to team up with and try to get them over the last hump to get to the World Series.

An interesting team that fell very short of expectations last year (I picked them to win the American League), was the Cleveland Indians. With a wealth of young pitching, they found themselves without a lot of run support and their bats often left their pitchers wishing for more help.

With that being said, they seem like the perfect trade partners for Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer to talk to.

Two specific spots in their lineup are center field and right field. Now, the Chicago Cubs have their own questions in regards to center field, but right field is another story.

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While I personally wouldn’t trade him, there have been a few rumblings in the rumor mill about Jorge Soler and his future with the Chicago Cubs. Like all rumors, especially at this time of the off-season, it should be taken with a grain of salt, but you cannot ignore the chatter.

To make a case for moving Soler, wouldn’t be totally unrealistic. His health has been an issue in the minor leagues and this past season with the Cubs.

He had his ups and downs, as expected for a very young rookie, but he did play very well for the Cubs in the postseason; he was one of the few bats to put the ball in play against the New York Mets.

Filling his spot in right would be fairly easy. Kyle Schwarber, who played some in right field in the postseason, actually looked very comfortable in right. With his work ethic and the time given in the spring, he could make a decent transition into being a more permanent right fielder.

Another option, less likely than Schwarber, would be to move Kris Bryant to right, thus giving the Chicago Cubs an open infield position for Javier Baez to play every day. The talk of Bryant being moving into one of the corner outfield spots has been prominent since the Chicago Cubs drafted the young slugger.

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The Indians have a couple of names that I’m sure would draw the interest of the Chicago Cubs, most notably, Corey Kluber. 2014 American League Cy Young Award Winner had a rough 2015 campaign.

With a 9-16 record and a 3.49 ERA in 32 starts, you can see that Kluber was a tough luck loser for Cleveland. He also finished third in the AL with 245 strikeouts.

Before the 2015 season, Cleveland did sign Kluber to a very team friendly five-year, $38 million contract extension that will keep the 29-year-old right-handed pitcher signed up until 2021 with team options.

He might be tough to pry away from Cleveland, but they do also have other options in Danny Salazar (25-years-old), Carlos Carrasco (28-years-old), and Trevor Bauer (24-years-old).  All three younger and just as affordable for any team.

All would likely cost at least Soler and maybe another good bat that the Indians could use as a DH in Dan Vogelbach. If the Chicago Cubs are going to add more starting pitching depth and do so creatively to not increase the payroll to heights few teams go to, then the Cubs will have to part with some of the young bats they have been storing away.

As much upside as Soler has, he may be so valuable to the Cubs to move for one of these young proven arms. That’s my take on it – what say you? Let your voice be heard in the comments section and say what you think about these two teams making a deal.