Chicago Cubs: Commemorative patch will honor 100 years of Cubs baseball at Wrigley Field


Cubs to commemorate 100 years playing at Wrigley Field

The Chicago Cubs celebrated Wrigley Field’s 100th birthday recently, and now they will honor 100 years of Cubs baseball at the historic venue. The Cubs played in five ballparks before finally making Wrigley their home in 1916 after a group of investors bought the Chi-Feds of the failed Federal League and moved them there. 

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The park wouldn’t be known as Wrigley Field until 1926 as it was known as Weeghman Park and Cubs Park before landing on its final name that season. The commemorative patch is a version of the team’s 1916 logo in modern colors. There is no representation of Wrigley Field, as it’s meant to honor the team’s time there and not necessarily the park.

The patch will be showcased on the team’s home uniforms throughout the season, and more plans are being made to commemorate the historic 100 years the Cubs have spent playing at beautiful Wrigley Field.

The Chicago Cubs were originally known as the Chicago White Stocking (Ugh, I shudder), moving to the Colts and then the Orphans before becoming the Cubs in 1907. The change worked quite well, as the Cubs won back-to-back World Series in ’07 and ’08. Wait, is this an indication we need another name change? I mean, I’m not really for that, but it seemed to work out well back then.

The 100th anniversary of Wrigley Field as well as the Cubs playing there for a century is a testament to the city of Chicago and support of the team and the ballpark. The cathedrals of old are few and far between. I mean, the Braves are about to be on their third park in MY lifetime and I’m just 36. Pffft. That’s child’s play to the Cubs.

Here’s to another 100 at the newly renovated but always gorgeous Wrigley Field. May it be the Cubs for another century…or a different name if it helps win back-to-back titles.