Chicago Cubs: Team removes Wrigley Field marquee


In recent days, construction crews removed the iconic marquee sign from the exterior of Wrigley Field in preparation for the next stage of the renovation.

Let the panic commence.

I’ve already seen half-cocked old-school Chicago Cubs fans point to the removal of the red signage outside the gates at the Friendly Confines as the latest bastardization of Wrigley Field. Yet, per usual, these individuals were wrong and had half the story.

The best account of this week’s latest step in the Wrigley renovation, also known as the 1060 Project, that I’ve found to-date came from Al Yellon over at Bleed Cubbie Blue, who even managed to shoot some video of the process, which took place on Monday afternoon.

He also got this statement from Cubs’ spokesman Julian Green, explaining the move – although you would think that was apparent. It’s not like the team is getting rid of arguably the second-most famous piece of the Confines, behind the ivy and perhaps the center-field scoreboard.

“We are removing the Marquee to prepare for structural work that will occur in that area of the ballpark this offseason. While the Marquee is down, we will do some maintenance work on the Marquee.”

Late in the season, the organization ruffled feathers when they sold the segment underneath the  LED portion of the board to Toyota – one of the Cubs’ newest Legacy Partners. Never mind the fact this happened with Budweiser and the team back in the 1980s and also when Northwestern football played at the Confines a few years back.

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As we all know by now, the marquee was originally green, then blue – and now its famous red color. The top portion of the board, which reads, “Wrigley Field: Home of the Chicago Cubs,” is landmark-protected and cannot be altered, so those who are worried about such happenings need to take a step back from the ledge.

We broke down the upcoming focus of the 1060 Project in a recent piece you can find here. Largely, it will consist of updating and overhauling the Chicago Cubs’ home clubhouse facilities, which are horribly outdated and have been a detractor for potential free agents in past years.

Again, kudos to Bleed Cubbie Blue and Al Yellon for the top-notch work in covering the event on Monday afternoon. If you don’t follow them already, be sure to check the site out.