Chicago Cubs: NLCS tickets for a game at Wrigley Field set records


Hoping to see an NLCS game at Wrigley? Better have deep pockets

If you’re looking to get a ticket for a Chicago Cubs NLCS game, hopefully, you’ve been saving for a rainy day. Tickets for the game are seeing a demand that mirrors that of a World Series game. But are we really surprised? This is our Cubbies. I’d skip a mortgage payment to go see a game. But sadly, that wouldn’t be enough for a great seat.

According to TiqIQ, the average ticket is going for $1,357.85 as of Thursday. That could change depending on who wins the NLDS series between the Mets and Dodgers. That’s more than the Giants average ticket price in the 2012 NLCS of $687.15–the previous high since TiqIQ has tracked it since 2010. You may need to reconsider that idea and squeeze out onto the streets around Wrigley–still not likely to be cheap I suppose. But not every seat will break the bank–depending on your bank, of course. There are still some upper deck tickets down the first base line for $485. The cheapest bleacher seat is coming in at just under five bills ($492).

You could also grab a seat across the way on the rooftops. They range anywhere from $250 to $400, and many include food and beverage. Have you had a beer and a hot dog at a game recently? You might be in for a surprise if that’s the case. Wrigley is one of the more expensive in Major League Baseball. Hey, do we want cheap beer or a winner? I mean, I’d take both, but the latter first if it’s a choice.

Now for those of you that didn’t balk at any of the previously mentioned prices, a field-level seat may be what you’re looking for. You can get into a pair of seats in 11th row of section 38 for around $1,340–each. Want a seat behind home plate? No problem. StubHub has them for a minimum of $4,750.

So the “common man”, your typical Cubs’ fan might not be able to see a game at Wrigley during this run. This isn’t unusual at all, as the typical fan would have to stretch for a tab like this at any stadium. Even a regular season game is no small bill. But for a team, a city, and a fan base so starved for a winner they’re willing to hemorrhage that much money to see a game in Chicago? If I could, I would. I’ve already said that if my first child was born during the World Series, just have the doctor cut the cord and take lots of pictures.


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