Chicago Cubs: Christopher Lloyd wants in on World Series


Actor Christopher Lloyd, who played Doc Brown in Back to the Future, said he would be interested in a first pitch should the Chicago Cubs reach the World Series.

“If my calculations are correct, when this baby hits 88 miles per hour… you’re gonna see some serious s***.”

Indeed we will, Doc Brown. Indeed we will.

The 1980s film trilogy ‘Back to the Future’ predicted the Chicago Cubs would win the World Series this year – in five games, which would come on Oct. 22 – oddly enough, when Game Five of the NLCS is set to take place at Wrigley Field.

So while the prediction might not be spot-on, the Game Five dates lining up are, in and of itself, more than a little eerie.

Why all this talk about Back to the Future? Well, Lloyd, who’s more commonly known as ‘the Doc’ by anyone who’s ever seen the movies, says he’s willing and ready to throw a first pitch should the Chicago Cubs reach their first Fall Classic since 1945.

“Maybe it’ll happen. We’ll see,” he said. “They got to get there first.”

Well, Chicago is already locked in to its first National League Championship Series since 2003 after taking care of the St. Louis Cardinals in five games in the NLDS; and will play either the Los Angeles Dodgers or the New York Mets on Saturday on the road, depending out the outcome of Thursday’s Game 5 at Dodger Stadium.

Would the Cubs really bring Lloyd to the Friendly Confines for a first pitch? I can’t see it happening personally – it’s more likely some former players like Billy Williams or Fergie Jenkins get the honors – but I suppose you can never say never.

So while Sammy Sosa remains exiled on the North Side of Chicago, we may see Doc Brown get the media spotlight instead. We live in a strange, strange world, friends. A strange, strange world.

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