Chicago Cubs: Playoff baseball is right around the corner


Cubs playoff baseball BEGINS tomorrow. Yes, you read that right

Tomorrow morning will be like Christmas when I was a child. I won’t be able to stay in bed. The Chicago Cubs headed to the airport this morning to fly to Pittsburgh and I’m ready for baseball. I’m a baseball fan at heart. I can watch any game. But it’s been hard to watch into October as my team was never there. Unfortunately, thanks to a ridiculously stacked NL Central, the Cubs and Pirates have to meet in a winner take all Wild Card game. Baseball isn’t always fair. But if you aren’t already excited for tomorrow’s game, this should help. Credit to YouTuber Trevor Vallese.

Hopefully that got your blodd pumping. I even went back and watched the 1998 one game playoff with the San Francisco Giants. It was like a Wild Card game before the Wild Card. If you’ve forgotten, check it out here. It’s the full game. Warning, if you don’t recall, the Cubs made it interesting in true Cubs form. But they of course won and moved on to the postseason where they were heavily outmatched and swept by the Atlanta Braves.

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We’ll have constant coverage of the Cubs postseason, including updates on the roster once it’s released (tomorrow morning is the deadline), analysis, previews and more in the next few days so be sure to keep an eye out for new stories and more.

I know the Bears may have sucked you in a bit with their win over the Raiders, but your full attention should be on the Cubs on Wednesday night. They have Jake Arrieta headed to the mound. We’re 6-4 this season at PNC Park. And the Pirates aren’t exactly postseason veterans. They’ve been in this game a few times in recent years, that is about as familiar as they are with the playoffs.

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