Chicago Cubs: Is this offense really that bad?

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Jul 27, 2015; Chicago, IL, USA; The Chicago Cubs celebrate after third baseman Kris Bryant (17) hits a walk-off home run during the ninth inning against the Colorado Rockies at Wrigley Field. Mandatory Credit: Caylor Arnold-USA TODAY Sports

The Reality of the Situation

Unless the Chicago Cubs part ways with some of their most promising young players (highly unlikely), the hitting fix on this team will likely have to come from within. The addition of one player probably won’t magically wake up the bats of everybody else in the lineup.

The scouting report is out on many of these young players, which explains the slumping as of late. It is up to these players to systematically work through their  approach at the plate and make the necessary adjustments to regain that hitting stroke. If the Cubs hitters continue to take good at-bats, the hits and runs will eventually come. The team is currently in a rut; the way they respond will showcase their character. With the addition of a high-impact hitter unlikely before the 2015 trade deadline, the ability of the existing roster to rectify their own hitting woes will likely determine the success of this season. Sometimes external help does little to fix an internal issue when this issue hasn’t been specifically addressed and still exists. This seems like one of those situations.

Or maybe Joe Maddon should hire that magician to perform for the team again. It worked once why not try it again?

All stats updated through July 28 except for player and team slash lines which don’t include the game played on the evening of July 28.

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