Chicago Cubs Opinion: Four reasons Starlin Castro isn’t going anywhere

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Castro is a polarizing figure amongst Cubs’ fans, but the truth is–good or bad–he likely isn’t going anywhere soon

Criticism seems to follow the Chicago CubsStarlin Castro. even with the success he’s had at his age, there is always a large contingent for him to be traded, demoted, benched, etc. Has he brought some of it on himself? Of course. Mental lapses can happen, but they seem to happen to Castro at an alarming rate. Staring off into the distance as a pitch is being delivered? Definitely an issue. But should they trade him?

Absolutely not.

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I don’t know that I’ve ever chosen a side in the Castro war. But I would have to say that with a little bit of thought I’m on his side. He’s assuredly frustrated me at times, even more so this season. But a large part of that comes from what we expect from his offensively. The defense has always had its ups and downs. He’ll make a great play followed by a booted routine grounder. That’s focus, or lack thereof as any former big-leaguer will tell you.

But if you think he’s the Cubs pariah, you’re mistaken. Castro isn’t likely to be going anywhere anytime soon. And there are several good reasons for that.

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