Chicago Cubs annihilate the Cleveland Indians; Schwarber collects four hits


Schwarber teases fans with his potential

You don’t get too many games like this. So you enjoy it for a little bit and then move on. For the

Chicago Cubs

, that’s

Joe Maddon

‘s M.O. anyhow, but 17 runs? That had to be a fun clubhouse.

Kyle Schwarber

‘s stay may be brief, but he’s already making the best of it. Four hits–three of them rockets–and two RBIs make for an impressive “debut”. I’m disregarding the previous night’s at-bat. It’ doesn’t count. But it was nice of

Miguel Montero

to get him in there. *See below

But aside from the offense, the Cubs needed to see something out of Tsuyoshi Wada, and they absolutely did. Seven innings of shutout baseball gives Maddon confidence in continuing to run him out there every fifth day. More importantly he helped give the bullpen a much needed “night off”, only needing to cover two innings.

I couldn’t help but to have a little fun with the Montero ejection the other night, as it was just too perfect an opportunity. Although the article is clear, it is a satire post, so I don’t want anyone taking things out of context. But it’s a good read for a laugh, so please be sure to check it out.

The Cardinals were finally slowed a bit as the Cubs were able to gain a game as the Twins defeated them 3-1. Even with injuries, and now and FBI investigation, the Cards have continued their winning ways. With the Pirates winning now as well, there will be no “days off” for the Cubs. Every day is going to be a battle to make the playoffs.

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