Chicago Cubs: Montero showed great leadership for getting ejected, allowing Schwarber to play (Satire)


Montero takes one for the team and Schwarber

With the

Chicago Cub

s calling up

Kyle Schwarber

from Double-A to be the designated hitter for the next five days, many weren’t sure if they would get a chance to see him while he was at Wrigley Field. But this is why you go out and sign veteran guys like

Miguel Montero

. They know when the big time moments are in front of them and how to seize them–by getting ejected intentionally.

As the top of the eighth inning was coming to an end, Cubs catcher Montero and the home plate umpire were having a pleasant chat about the strike zone, and how well Phil Cuzzi was calling balls and strikes with great accuracy. Cuzzi was so overwhelmed by Montero’s kind words that in his native New Jersey way told Montero to “get outta here”. Clearly he was saying to simply stop, but Montero talked it into an ejection to allow Schwarber to come in and catch the ninth while getting his first Major League at-bat in the last of the ninth.

These are the kind of things that won’t show up in a scouting report. When you hear players say he’s a great “clubhouse guy”, what they mean is that player will intentionally get himself ejected to allow a young player like Schwarber the opportunity, while Montero heads to the clubhouse. Often I think the meaning of it is misunderstood, but this should help clear that up.

Schwarber did an admirable job in the top half, smothering a few balls in the dirt while getting his first taste of catching in the majors. When told he would be going in for Montero, Schwarber asked “What about Ross?” To which manager Joe Maddon explained “Are you serious? He’s 38. It’s two hours past his bedtime and he’s wearing his slippers already”.

These are the veteran leaders that every team needs.

*EDITOR’S NOTE: Clearly this was a satirical piece just intended to have some fun. While Montero was indeed ejected from yesterday’s game, that’s about all the truth that lies in this story. None of the comments were real, but I hope you enjoyed it!

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