Chicago Cubs not to be outdone by Cleveland Indians with prospects


Cubs trump Indians’ Lindor call-up with Schwarber


Chicago Cubs

have become a team known for its youth this season, with the debut’s of

Kris Bryant


Addison Russell

–two key pieces of their future. After a slow start to a season of higher expectations, the Cleveland Indians decided to go a similar route, promoting 23-year-old

Giovanny Urshela

, then shortly after calling up their top prospect, 21-year-old

Francisco Lindor


Apparently the Cubs didn’t want to be outdone in the “debut” game, as they sneakily announced during the Blackhawks game last night that top 2014 pick Kyle Schwarber was being called up to DH, before he will eventually be sent to Triple-A.

The Cubs “sneakily” announced the move during the Blackhawks game last night that the Cubs top 2014 pick Kyle Schwarber was being called up for the next six games, all against AL opponents. So it’s a short promotion, followed by a demotion that’s really still a promotion. The point is, we’re going to get to see what this kid’s bat is all about.

The meteoric rise of Schwarber rivals what Bryant did in his short time in the system. While Schwarber won’t see his first at-bats at Triple-A till after this stop in Chicago, you can’t deny the potential when compared to Bryant:

Minor League Comparison: Bryant vs Schwarber

The timing couldn’t be more perfect. While there are questions about him defensively, there are very few about him at the plate. With AL opponents in their home parks coming up in five of the next six games, the Cubs will be able to use him at DH to make the time up worthwhile. Schwarber will also benefit from a week with the two veterans in David Ross and Miguel Montero to get a feel of the preparation for a catcher during the season.

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Theo Epstein has made it clear that no matter how this week goes, he will head to Triple-A following it. It’s a smart play on many levels. One, the Cubs don’t “need” him yet. But they may in September. For now it’s a chance to see how the everyday life in the majors is. Second, he can relax. He doesn’t have to press too hard to convince them to let him stay. A relaxed Schwarber will be far more  dangerous than one who feels he’s “fighting to stay”. Come up, swing away, head back to work in Iowa.

Someone hand me my sunglasses, the future keeps getting brighter in Chicago, even with tornadoes rolling through.

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