Chicago Cubs: Javier Baez’s next call up will work


Why the next time Baez is called up to Chicago will be better than the last 

There has been a lot of talk and speculation on when Javier Baez will get his next chance to prove himself as a legitimate major league player with the Chicago Cubs. After a loss to the San Diego Padres that squandered away a dominating pitching performance by Jason Hammel, some questioned if the best defensive players are out on the field for the Cubs.

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With that question, the obvious one would be; would things be different with Baez on the diamond? writer, Carrie Muskat printed a story on the Cubs’ website that quoted Joe Maddon‘s opinion if Baez could have helped this team defensively. “Javy can make any defense better,” Maddon said Wednesday. “I talked about that in camp — I thought he was one of the finest young infielders I’ve seen, but I’m not displeased with anybody out there right now. Sometimes you just have to wait your opportunity, your turn.”

Some may question how Baez’s call up now will be any different from last year’s call up near the end of the season, but a lot more than just time has changed since last year for Baez.

Baez seems to be a lot more comfortable as a player right now, almost like his swagger is back. What brought that confidence back? No one can be sure why it’s back or what brought it back, but it could be with the tragedy that he faced before the season started with this passing of his sister brought things into perspective.

It could be that he understands that what he’s doing in his life by playing the game of baseball is just that, a game and games are supposed to be fun. When you’re struggling and having to answer questions by a swarm of reporters about why you’re struggling, it will make the game you’ve been playing your whole life not very fun at all.

When those struggles happen and questions are being asked, you’ll start questioning yourself and your abilities. When that happens, the mind will start messing with everything you’re doing that used to come so naturally before.

"“I think I found my swing,” Baez said. “Well, I don’t think, I know I found my swing.” Javier Baez, via Tommy Birch of The Des Moines Register"

The other factor that could be the difference maker for Baez, all of the attention is finally off of him. He is no longer, “the one” like he was last year when called up to the Chicago Cubs.

It’s not that he’s an after thought now, but with all the attention that surrounds Kris Bryant, John Lester, and Anthony Rizzo with the seasons they are having and with Addison Russell being on the big league club, Baez will be able to fly under the radar of sorts with the next call up.

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