Chicago Cubs: Kris Bryant discusses new life in the Windy City (Video)


Since rookie third baseman Kris Bryant made his debut for the Chicago Cubs, life has been great for not only their top prospect himself, but for the club and it’s fans as well.

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Granted they’ve dropped several games to the San Diego Padres, St. Louis Cardinals and the Milwaukee Brewers since. Bryant’s power was finally put on display last week, hitting four bombs to left field. Chicago’s young star was placed in a bit of a rough situation back when his agent, Scott Boras, ripped the front-office for not placing him on the Opening Night roster back in March.

Following that nonsense, Adidas had placed a ‘Worth The Wait’ billboard that featured Bryant wearing a Cubs’ uniform, outside Wrigley Field. Bryant once admitted that he had known nothing about it until Anthony Rizzo sent him a selfie with the ad itself behind him. What a great way to find out that a giant photo of yourself is sitting right outside the stadium, right?

Now, in the video that will be shown at the end of the article, the 23-year-old born in Las Vegas, Nevada discusses multiple topics while showing off his new Chicago home. Bryant talks about being able to play baseball year-round and made weekly trips to California in order to play in baseball tournaments while growing up.

At one point in his life, Bryant used to go head-to-head with Washington Nationals star, Bryce Harper, who has been in the league for several years now. Harper earned his GED in just two years while attending Las Vegas High School in order to pursue his dream of playing professional baseball, which resulted in him being drafted first overall by the Nats in 2010.

These two have nothing but respect for each other and are now living their dream at the same time. These two will cross paths yet again next Monday in a three-game series at Wrigley Field. Something I’m sure is going to be talked about a lot during the games.

Sitting in the middle of his coffee table, would be a base (not sure which) from his big league debut against the Padres, and the first two home run balls of his career sitting on a shelf. One thing that has really caught his attention since moving to the Windy City is all the Cubs apparel he sees around town.

Tonight he returns to the city in which he played college baseball, and will have coaches from the University of San Diego in attendance as the Cubs seek redemption against the Padres.

Now here’s a look at Kris Bryant’s ‘Home Field Advantage’ video courtesy of Coldwell Banker Real Estate’s YouTube channel:

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