Chicago Cubs: Miguel Montero needs more time


Is it time for the Cubs to move Castillo to allow more time for Montero?

One of the first problems that came up with the Chicago Cubs before the season started was what to do with all of the catchers on the roster. The Cubs traded for Miguel Montero, who was going to be an upgrade both defensively and offensively over Welington Castillo. Then signing Jon Lester, it was expected that essentially you were signing David Ross as well.

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When the Ross signing became official and the Cubs now had three catchers on their current 40 man roster, something had to give. Either there would be one less positional player or one less reliever kept on the roster to keep all three backstops.

The other option was to move Castillo to a team that was in need of a catcher upgrade. Rumors had a number of teams involved with the Cubs 2014 starting catcher, but nothing solid. Baltimore, the Red Sox, the Reds, even the Diamondbacks were talked about, but nothing came to fruition. A lot of insiders said that the Cubs placed a high price tag on Castillo’s services.

Those rumors have died down for quite some time now, but perhaps the Cubs should open those lines of communication back up again.

As of late Montero has been playing very well both at the plate and behind it. He is a much better option to place in the lineup that is still trying to be figured out. Basically he can be plugged into anywhere from the No.4 spot all the way down to the No.9 hitter, and he’ll produce for the Cubs.

"“My job is when they put me in the lineup, be ready to play. But my swing feels good. My approach has been good. I’ve been driving the ball the other way more than the last two years, which is a good sign. Hopefully, it stays like that the whole year. This game is up and down, and I just hope the downs are a little bit shorter than the ups.” Miguel Montero – via Patrick Mooney"

Castillo is a good catcher and has made improvements with his tenure as a member of the Chicago Cubs. But it would be beneficial for both sides to try to find a partner to trade with. Montero has made it known that he is a work horse and he is willing and able to play whenever the team needs him – even if that means 150 plus games.

The three catchers will keep him fresh, but I worry about it making him inconsistent at the plate. I think he can add some good consistency with his veteran bat to this young Cubs team that will go through slumps maybe a little more so than a veteran club.

I do think Castillo will be moved at some point, but to get the maximum value out of him, the Cubs will also have to play him to showcase his ability to the teams. So until a move happens, everyone will have to continue to accept their role as it is.

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