Chicago Cubs: Steve Stone still admired by all fans


As a sports fan, I am blessed to have the opportunity to write about what I love. I don’t do it for money, nor will I find any fame in it. It’s not everyday that we get to have a front row seat into the world of sports journalism. On Monday night that chance occurred.

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Seated together in Chicago’s Union League Club, some of the city’s finest sports writers, reporters, and supporters gathered for the 10th Annual Ring Lardner Awards Dinner. Named for a famous local writer, the night honors individuals in sports throughout broadcast and print.

Steve Stone, who I grew up admiring while watching the Cubs play was one of those honorees. Despite his current role with the White Sox, I would be willing to bet that its hard for Cub fans to not look back fondly on his work on the north side of town.

Over the course of his career in baseball, Stoney pitched for both Chicago teams including two stops with the White Sox. After signing with the Baltimore Orioles, Steve Stone went on to have the best year of his career compiling a 25-7 record on his was to earning the Cy Young award. Having relied heavily on curveballs during that year, Stone’s arm began to break down and his playing days were over shortly after.

Some of my favorite moments growing up were the interactions between Stone and Harry Carey. He provided the perfect amount of analytical background that complimented Carey’s wit and humor. It was one of the things that made me love the Chicago Cubs.

We all felt smarter watching a game that Stoney called. His ability to make predictions and break down what was happening on the field allowed fans to learn about the strategy in the game. It was eerie at times how he would describe what would happen, only to see it come true on the next pitch.

As I listened to his speech, Steve Stone spoke about his love for Chicago. One thing stood out from the comments he had. “Endear yourself to Chicago, and the fans and this city will wrap their arms around you and never let go”. Nothing could be closer to the truth. I witnessed the love affair one man had for a place he called home. In one sweeping moment, I was brought back to the moments when I fell in love with the game.

As he concluded his remarks, Stone spoke of the advice Harry Carey gave him when he started working with him. “Do something you love, in a place you love doing it”. For this Cubs fan, I will do something I love, for a team that I love. For no matter where Steve Stone works, his influence and love for Chicago will be the reasons why we continue to love him.

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