Chicago Cubs: Kris Bryant’s Red Bull commercial is glorious


This young Chicago Cubs team, now featuring rookie third baseman Kris Bryant, has shown us a lot over the first couple weeks of the 2015 regular season.

After briefly sitting at the top of the N.L. Central and battling it out with teams who are expected to reach the post-season, the Cubs have refused to quit – fighting their way back from multiple games in which they’ve been down two-three runs. Their win last night had them going back and forth with the Pittsburgh Pirates, who started off the first two innings with back-to-back lead-off home runs off Travis Wood.

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Although this team received World Series odds boost after what has been the greatest off-season to date – the infamous ‘Curse of the Billy Goat’ is something that will be continued to be talked about until this team does, in fact, win their first title in over 100 years.

As lifetime Cubs’ fans, we’re always hearing about not only the ‘curse’, but when this team struggles or falls apart (like they did in 2003, 2008), it’s easy for people to say “The Cubs are still the Cubs.”. Which can be very frustrating at time’s, but makes me believe that Chicago has the greatest fanbase in all of baseball.

In a commercial that’s been around for five days now and was recently discovered by myself with the help of a couple of co-workers – not only is Kris Bryant described as the next big thing for this city, but the team as well.

Fans who have been following Bryant ever since he was drafted, have been waiting for him to make his big league debut and expected him to do so after spring training was over. That didn’t happen, and some fans including Bryant’s agent Scott Boras, were not happy about it at all.

Now that he’s with the club and over his one game slump, Chicago’s top prospect has been on a tear as of late. He’s connected on a few pitches that as if they were leaving the yard against the Pirates over the last few days but settled for doubles while displaying excellent base running at the same time.

After his shaky major league debut performance against the San Diego Padres last Friday, Bryant is hitting .444/.583/.611 with eight hits, three doubles, six RBI and five walks in 18 at-bats. It’s only a matter of time until he begins taking pitchers deep.

Red Bull’s official YouTube channel posted this commercial titled ‘ Down on the Farm with Cubs Rookie Kris Bryant’ on Apr. 18. It features local fans, Chicago Bears’ legend Mike Ditka, and Chicago Bulls’ center Joakim Noah – who is pretty hilarious if you ask me.

During an interview with, Bryant spoke about what it was like being on set with farm animals, letting reporters know that he’s no farm boy, but a city boy instead.

"“I had no clue what I was doing. They had an umbrella over [the goat] because it was raining. The goat wanted to run around. It was hard to keep him by my side. I’ve never been around them — I’m not a farm boy, I’m a city boy” – Bryant via"

Before this commercial, Adidas baseball posted a billboard that read ‘ Worst The Wait’ outside ‘the Friendly Confines’ and it received a lot of attention right away.

But this was something Bryant knew nothing about until Rizzo texted him.

"“I actually did not know about that. I had done some photos in Spring Training. They can use me the way they want, because I guess I’m employed by them. I had no clue about it. Anthony [Rizzo] texted me — he sent me a selfie with him and the billboard. I thought, ‘That’s pretty cool.'” – via"

Chicago’s two-time NBA All-Star center’s lines in this video are, “I don’t care that Kris is Chicago’s new favorite guy. He’s only 6’5, he’s still a miniature person.” and “Chicago fans can be tough, Kris – good luck with that.”.

While Coach Ditka said, “Guess what bud? They called you up, now’s your time – the wait is over.” – which leads to Bryant waiting for a bus on the side of the road with a goat on a leash.

You can watch the clip here and leave us your thoughts in the comment section below: