Morning Marquee: Cubs’ to honor Ernie Banks throughout season


In news that was surprising to none of us, the Chicago Cubs announced they would be honoring the late Ernie Banks throughout this entire season. The team will wear a patch on both home and away jerseys, as well as Special Ceremonies set for Opening Night. The Cub great spent all 19 seasons of his career with the Cubs, never reaching the playoffs. Patches and ceremonies aside, the best way for the Cubs to honor Ernie would be to give him a winner this year. Here’s to hoping.

Anthony Rizzo took two steps forward last season after taking a step back in 2013. Was it enough for us to think he could possibly win this year’s NL MVP? He’ll have to show his continued growth as a hitter, but it may simply come down to competition. Clayton Kershaw, Giancarlo Stanton. Just a couple that he’d have to outperform for the award. For Rizzo, he’s made it clear it’s about the team anyway.

The Cubs have had their share of bad trades, but let’s not forget we have had some good ones too. For every Lou Brock lost, there’s a Ryne Sandberg gained. We take a look at a few of the more memorable trades that in the end benefited the Cubs.

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