Chicago Cubs: Trades that went our way

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Apr 21, 2014; Chicago, IL, USA; A general view of umbrellas left in the stands behind the visitor

Not all trades have gone the Chicago Cubs way.  All you have to do is bring up the name Lou Brock and you’ll get the reaction of angry Cubs fans.  It seems that with that one trade, all Chicago Cub haters forget about all the trades that the Cubs have come out smelling like roses on.  In any trade, there is a purpose behind it.  Cutting payroll, rebuilding with prospects, or trying to make a run for the post season.  But with any trade, there are risks – especially when involving younger players that have yet to develop.

It’s hard to really put the full blame on any general manager for making a trade that backfires on them.  Usually, it is because one of those reasons listed above.  They have to make a trade and they are left with that feeling of there is no choice but to say yes.  Sometimes they win big, some times they break even and it works out for both teams.  But sometimes they lose big.  Well, here is a slide show of some of the those trades that worked out for the Chicago Cubs in the past 30 years.

Enjoy the show, please leave comments below. Weigh in on what you think were the good ones that were not listed. Or comment on the ones listed and what you liked about them – I’d love to hear from you all and discuss any and all of your opinions.

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