Is there anywhere for Alfonso Soriano to land?

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Seattle Mariners

The Mariners sit in the middle of the AL West race, and the division leading Oakland A’s just went and snatched up two of our best in Jeff Samardzija and Jason Hammel. The Mariners are struggling mightily against lefties, sitting near the bottom of the league in slugging and OPS.

Even with all of his struggles this year, even against southpaws, Soriano might be considered an upgrade. Even with the recently activated Corey Hart, who the Mariners hope can provide an offensive spark, expectations have to be measured as he has missed a season and a half with injury.

The change of scenery last season led Soriano to help lead the Yankees push towards the playoffs, as he hit 17 home runs in 58 games after the trade. Things have fallen off drastically, as he was hitting only .221 this season, and struggling in the field as Carlos Beltran‘s injury forced him into duty more often, after the Yankees intended him as a full-time righty DH.

Maybe it’s possible the change could do the same and spark Soriano to another second half run, but that’s a gamble few teams might be willing to take.