Is there anywhere for Alfonso Soriano to land?

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Toronto Blue Jays

Toronto is in a serious state of flux right now, and injuries are mostly to blame. After a sensational start to the season with a 21-9 May, they have now  watched the Baltimore Orioles take over first. With the injury to slugger Edwin Encarnacion, the Jays may be more inclined to consider.

Encarnacion’s injury, a Grade 2 quad strain, has an average recovery time of three to six weeks. That will however include the All-Star break. Brett Lawrie is also still out with a broken finger, not likely to return until early August. Encarnacion will be in that same time frame. A month can be a long time to lose sight of a division leader if their play continues to struggle.

The curious question would be what to do with Soriano when everyone is healthy. He will likely need full-time at-bats if he’s to get his swing back, which is part of the reason the Yankees parted ways. Once Lawrie, Encarnacion, and Adam Lind (foot) are healthy, that will be a tall order for the Jays.

But with the current offensive struggles and loss of good hitters to injury, this is a move the Blue Jays front office will have to at least entertain.