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Spring Training Rewind: Jorge Soler


Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

For the next player in the Spring Rewind series, Cuban slugger Jorge Soler participated in his second professional Spring Training this year with two hits and nine at-bats.

In Soler`s case, one of the most important things is how comfortable he is in his first (hopefully) fully healthy year. Soler displayed his enormous stature once again this spring, as at 6-foot-4 and 215 pounds, he is a physically imposing athlete, as J.D Sussman noted in an article professing love for Soler as baseball`s next big prospect. Sussman also provided insight on Soler`s incredible talent at the plate:

"Soler’s tools are exceptionally loud. Power will be the Cuban’s carry tool, but he also posses a plus arm and average or better speed. His power is derived from the immense bat speed he generates with his hands and hips. His hands begin in a high load and require minimal movement before he rifles them forward in conjunction with his hip turn. The power projection comes not only from the bat speed, but the lift and leverage present too."

That is some serious praise there, fellas. The kid could be a monster at Wrigley, soon.

However, Soler did show he is still just a prospect, just like Kris Bryant, Javier Baez, Albert Almora. Soler ended his second spring with just a couple hits in nine at-bats. Like Bryant and Almora, Soler had his big moment, when he hit a game-winning RBI triple to right field for a win over the Los Angeles Angels on March 7.

While Jorge Soler did not fully impress in all aspects of the game this spring, it is a good sign he is feeling well and healthy. With all these injuries popping up to young guys including the Twins` Miguel Sano and the D-Backs` Patrick Corbin, it is going to be great to have Soler ready to go for a full season starting in double-A Tennessee. With a strong performance there, like Kris Bryant, he could push himself to the big club as soon as 2015.

Soler has all the tools and physical ability to succeed, it is all about staying healthy, continuously learning about the game of baseball, and truly cementing himself in the plans of the Chicago Cubs as soon as next season.