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Matt Garza Played Pivotal Role In Jackson Signing


You may remember in early July, 2012, Cubs’ pitching coach Chris Bosio made a deal with Carlos Marmol that should Marmol shake off any pitches that were called to him, he would owe Bosio a case of wine.

Marmol held his end of the deal and ended up posting a 1.52 ERA in the second half of the season.

Neat how these things work eh?

Considering we spend so much time talking about market rates and fluctuations here at Cubbies Crib, it can be assumed that the choice trade chip in the Cubs’ clubhouse is now a case of wine. Sure, it might be $8 a bottle wine, but a case of wine is a case of wine none the less.

Chris Bosio may need to make a run to the liquor store soon, as I think he owes Matt Garza a case or two. Theo and Jed might have to get in on the action as well – although no one wants a sauced pitcher on the mound.

Garza, who is friends with Edwin Jackson off the field and a former teammate, actually helped convince Jackson to sign a deal with the Cubs. In an interview with CSN Chicago, Garza revealed how he helped Jackson make the choice:

"I told him that as a father (Jackson and his wife have a young son), that he will love day games because he will be home to have dinner with his family and he can take his kids to school when we are on a homestand. I told him he would love playing in Chicago."

Garza has spent the last 2 years playing in Chicago and knows the ins and outs of playing in the windy city. He was quick to share the subtleties of playing in Chicago, which could help Jackson adjust in the long run:

"I told Edwin that he has to approach the season in spring training mode, where everything is day baseball. He also has to be ready to handle 80 degree temperatures in Arizona and then 30’s and 40’s in Chicago and the Midwest."

Would this deal have gone down without Garza’s assistance? Most likely considering the Cubs offered Jackson 4 years, but having Garza there to help only sweetens the deal.

Besides, who doesn’t love being in good company while they’re at work?