Chicago Is My Kind Of Town


I have been the senior editor for Cubbies Crib for nearly three years, but sadly my time at Cubbies Crib is coming to an end. It has truly been a pleasure to cover the Cubs on a daily basis. But a new opportunity has presented itself. This opportunity has allowed me to stay with the FanSided Sports Network, but expand my writing experience in allowing me to cover not only the Cubs,

but the Bears, White Sox, Bulls, and Blackhawks. I am looking forward to this next opportunity.

The new Chicago based FanSided site, one that will feature daily coverage of the entire Chicago sports landscape, is expected to launch this week. I have been named as the senior editor for the new Chicago base Fansided site. For now, I just wanted to thank FanSided Sports network for allowing me to gain experience in sports writing and providing me with great opportunities. I am proud to be a FanSided writer. FanSided is trending in the right direction, and I am excited to be a part of it. I am looking forward to my new opportunity as the senior editor for new Chicago based FanSided site.

But, don’t think this will be end for Cubbies Crib. Cubbies Crib is going to continue it’s climb to respectability and credibility and will become a household name in the Cubs blogosphere. Effective with this article, I am stepping down as the senior editor of Cubbies Crib. Joe Han and Andrew Denny have been named as the co-senior editors for Cubbies Crib. Andrew and Joe have been successful contributors to Cubbies Crib, and the two will continue to provide daily insight on the Chicago Cubs. Both writers are excited for this opportunity.

As senior editor for the new Chicago Based FanSided site, I plan on working with Joe and Andrew in the future with the hopes of not only building a following for the new Chicago based FanSided site, but building a larger audience for Cubbies Crib as well. Not only is this a big moment for Cubbies Crib, but this week will be a big moment for the Chicago Sports fan base, with the launch of the new Chicago based FanSided site. So as I wave good bye to Cubbies Crib, be sure to welcome Joe and Andrew as the new senior editors of Cubbies Crib.

Nonetheless,I am excited for this opportunity to cover the Chicago Cubs, Chicago Bears, Chicago Bulls, Chicago Blackhawks and Chicago White Sox. After all, Chicago is my kind of town.