I Want To Be A Sports Writer


I want to be a Sports Writer. After all, 2013 will mark my three year anniversary with the FanSided Sports Network and as Site Director of Cubbies Crib. FanSided is only one step in my journey to become a Sports Writer. The first step was completing high school, and entering college. I realize that experience is something that is preferred when looking for jobs within a specific industry, and that is why I began blogging. My blogging is what created an opportunity for me to write to a greater audience with the FanSided Sports Network. My journey is not done yet. After this school year, I will need two more years of schooling in order to acquire a degree that would allow me to turn my hobby of writing into a career. Those steps are not just exclusive to becoming a Sports Writer. Those steps are apparent to almost any scenario in life. You must earn your way to the position that you desire. Just because you want something. does not make you deserving of the thing you seek.

Oct. 2, 2012; Miami, FL, USA; Miami Marlins outfielder Adam Greenberg (10) waves from the Marlins dugout before taking batting practice against the New York Mets at Marlins Park. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Hello Adam Greenberg. Greenberg was a one time Chicago Cubs prospect who up until Tuesday, had a short-lived career in Major League Baseball. Greenberg’s career in the Major Leagues ended nearly three seconds after he walked into the batter’s box of his first Major League Baseball game.  In 2005, the first pitch of Greenberg’s first career plate appearance beaned the rookie in the head. That was the last time Greenberg participated in a Major League Baseball. That was until Tuesday.

A Hollywood filmmaker grew infatuated with Greenberg’s story, to the point where he wanted to create a documentary. Like any Hollywood film, the documentary must have a happy ending. Because, after all, real life is always filled with happy endings. In order to ensure a happy ending, the filmmaker created a petition–that would later be signed by baseball fans throughout the country–that asked the Cubs to let Greenberg fulfill his dreams and receive an official at bat in a Major League Baseball game. Remember, a hit by pitch does not go down in the record books as an at bat, rather it is a plate appearance. The Cubs were too smart to be conned with this fraudulent act. The Cubs, who had sympathy for Greenberg, denied the request to give Greenberg an official at bat. However, the attention starved Miami Marlins enabled the publicity stunt by signing Greenberg to a one day contract that was effective on Tuesday.

Greenberg did receive an at bat in the Marlins’ game on Tuesday, and once again, his career in the Major Leagues ended within seconds as the pinch hitter struck out on the first three pitches he saw. For me, that was the perfect ending to a move that should have embarrassed the integrity of not only the Miami Marlins, but Major League Baseball for allowing this to happen. Greenberg had his opportunity, and it ended when he was beaned in his first official plate appearance in 2005. Greenberg did not spend the 2012 season in the Minor Leagues trying to earn his way back to the Major Leagues. Greenberg did nothing in the years since 2005 to warrant another opportunity in the Major Leagues.

I want to be a Sports Writer. But, I am not going to earn that position by creating a publicity stunt. I will earn that position by continuing to take the necessary steps to further my education, and continue to gain experience that will put me in a position to become a Sports Writer.