Cubbies Crib Featured On FanSided’s New IOS App


Driving by my local AT&T store last weekend, I noticed an unusual site. There were a flock of campers in tents and various portable lounge equipment. That is when I cam to the realization that people were lining up in anticipation of the public release of Apple’s new iPhone, the iPhone 5. I, too, am a iPhone user but did not feel the urge to join the masses in waiting for the iPhone 5. I am perfectly content with my iPhone 4s. After all, through my iPhone, I receive as much news as possible about the Chicago Cubs in addition to promoting Cubbies Crib on Facebook and Twitter.

Cubbies Crib is being promoted on a new avenue. I am pleased to announce that FanSided has released a brand new IOS app that can be accessed on the iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, any iPod touch (only on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th generations), in addition to the iPad as well. But lets be honest, more times than not when you download one app, you are forced to consume additional content that does not interest you. There is no need to fear that concept. The new FanSided IOS app is fully customized to allow you to pick the content that is of interest to you.

For example, I downloaded the new FanSided IOS app this weekend and customized it to only include content from Cubbies Crib, Bear Goggles On, and Pippen Ain’t Easy. Meaning no longer if you’er a Bears fans to you have filter through Packers content. The new FanSided App allows you to customize your settings to only feature content from your favorite FanSided Sports blogs.

FanSided is trending up and join the movement by downloading the new FanSided IOS app for your Apple device. Click here to access iTunes and download the new FanSided IOS app.