Stuff Cubs’ Bloggers Say


For those you that are familiar with National Football League free agent Anthony Adams, you would know that the former Chicago Bears football player released a rather humorous video that portrayed the life of a NFL free agent, and the various things they say during their daily routine.

Adams’ video got me thinking about the life of a Chicago Cubs’ blogger and the things they would say. After all, the life of a Cubs’ blogger can be rather difficult. We are tasked with continuous coverage of the Cubs, even as the team ascends to 100 losses for the 2012 regular season. After all, it can be a long season, but our dedication to covering the Cubs is unwavering. Andrew, Joe, Jacob, Kevin and myself are focused to providing the best content to the Cubs blogosphere. Nonetheless, here are 10 things that Cubs’ bloggers may catch themselves saying throughout the season.

  1. After the Cubs lost a game, “How many different ways can I write the lead for a Cubs’ loss”
  2. “I’m going to link the Cubs to every available player and see if one sticks” Hi Phil!
  3. “May be I need to get in bed with Jim Hendry in order to get stories” Bruuuuuuuuuce!
  4. “I’m going to predict in my season preview article that the Cubs will win the World Series, that way, I can be the first on record as saying they will win the World Series”
  5. “Sources? My Sources are the same as Phil Rogers”
  6. “I write about news in relation to the Cubs, the Cubs’ losing is not news”
  7. Carlos Zambrano always created an opportunity for a story”
  8. “Writer’s Block? Theo Epstein issued a gag order on all Cubs news”
  9. “I should re-name my site The Biggest Loser”
  10. “With less objectivity, my blogging may be a pre-cursor to me becoming the next Ron Santo”