Could “The Rocket” sign with the Cubs?


Roger Clemens is back in the world of baseball and has already started a game. There were many scouts at his game and some think he looked pretty good. So this begs the question: Could Clemens put on a Cub uniform? The short answer to this question is no. The long answer makes it clear why.

The first and most obvious reason is that the Cubs are rebuilding. Teams that are rebuilding have no reason to bring in a 50 year old pitcher to pitch a couple games down the stretch. This would take away from starts from young players and add useless payroll.

One of the reasons any team brings in a pitcher like Clemens is for the publicity. No matter what you think of Clemens, the man is followed by a media storm. If or when he gets back to the pros, he will undoubtedly bring those cameras with him, even if he is in Houston. The Cubs are a very popular team as it is. They have a historic field that is beloved by many and could be the best in baseball. The more attention the Cubs get, the more pressure that puts on players. The young prospects do not need any more pressure than they are already experiencing. They are adjusting to a totally new life and the last thing they need is to be asked questions about a 50 year old man. Clemens will not add anything to the franchise and the Cubs don’t need the media storm.

The Cubs are not really concerned about winning games this year. There has been a little talk that Clemens could provide a boost to any team he goes to and help them make the playoffs and perform better once there. The Cubs aren’t making the playoffs this year. There is no way he helps them in this way.

The last reason is Clemens’ tarnished reputation. The Cubs have had their run in with steroid users and I don’t think they are willing to go at it again. Clemens was acquitted in the court of law, but he will never be innocent in the court of public opinion. The man has been labeled a cheater and that label will always be there and will be highlighted f he ever returns to baseball.

The Cubs would be foolish to sign him and I would be surprised if any team takes that chance.