Poll Of The Week: Ryan Dempster’s Next Team


Starting pitcher Ryan Dempster has not only given back to the Chicago Cubs organization, but the veteran pitcher has also given back to the city of Chicago as well.

Sadly, Dempster’s time in Chicago will likely come to an end within the next couple weeks. Reason being the direction that the Cubs are headed in does not fit with where Dempster is at this point in his career. Though, Dempster is in the middle of having a career. Yes, a career year at the age of 35 for Dempster. Dempster is 4 and 3 on the season to go along with an ERA of 1.99. Dempster’s veteran experience and impressive season is likely the reasons why the Cubs are going to receive a haul of prospects for the veteran starting pitcher.

There have been a handful of teams that have expressed interest in Dempster this season. Though, the Los Angeles Dodgers; New York Yankees; Boston Red Sox; and Atlanta Braves have all expressed interest in the starting pitcher. As things stand right now, the Dodgers and Yankees could be considered as the top two favorites for Dempster. The Dodgers have been pegged as the favorites for Dempster by many baseball insiders, and the Dodgers have an eye out for Dempster since the beginning of June. With Andy Pettitte out until early September for the Yankees, the team will likely look to upgrade their starting rotation before the trade deadline. The Red Sox and Braves have both expressed interest in Dempster, but the two teams likely will not have the caliber to match the offers of either the Dodgers or Yankees.

There is always the chance that the Cubs do no trade Dempster, but given the level of interest in Dempster this season, it seems all but certain that the Cubs will trade Dempster within the next three weeks.

It is my belief that the Dodgers will land Dempster. The Dodgers have shown the most interest in Dempster, and were close to pulling the trigger on a deal for Dempster before he was placed on the disabled list. With Dempster healthy and impressing once again, it stands to reason that the Dodgers will make the deal for Dempster.

Vote on the team that you think will be the next team that Dempster plays for–unless you think he remains with the Cubs–and expand upon your vote in the comment section.