Poll Results: Anthony Rizzo or Starlin Castro?


The poll of the week last week was one that asked Cubs’ fans if they were beginning a franchise, what player would they build around if they had to choose between shortstop Starlin Castro or first baseman Anthony Rizzo?

When this poll was created, Rizzo had yet to make his Major League debut. Since then, Rizzo debuted with the Cubs and has impress the Cubs’ faithful. Rizzo, who set his second home run in three days for the Cubs on Monday, is hitting .318 with 2 home runs and 5 RBIs in the early going of his Cubs’ career.

Meanwhile, Castro, who was elected to National League All-Star team this season, is continuing his ascension into being an elite shortstop in Major League Baseball. Despite a recent slump, Castro is hitting .292/.315/.422 to go along with 6 home runs and 40 RBIs. Castro has also changed his approach of late, and the 22 year old shortstop is working the count and driving the pitch that he wants as opposed to swinging at any pitch that he feels he can hit.

Cubs’ fans have provided a rather overwhelming answer to the poll of the week last week. With a victory of 62% to 38%, Cubs fans said that player they would want on their team if they were beginning a franchise is Castro. Castro has been compared to Derek Jeter by some, though I think it is best to call him a poor man’s Jeter. Nonetheless, the effect that Jeter has for the Yankees is the same effect that Castro could have with the Cubs.

I, however, still have to side with Rizzo. Even though it is a small sample size, Rizzo sure has the look of a gold glove first baseman that will be threat in the middle of the Cubs’ batting order for the long-term future. Left handed run producers are hard to come by. Just look at the Cubs’ history if you don’t believe me.

Though, there is no need worry if you are a Cubs’ fan because both Rizzo and Castro will members of the Cubs’ organization for many years to come.