Poll Of The Week: Starlin Castro or Anthony Rizzo?


Believe it or not, the Cubs are going to be in a good position for the years to come. Sure, their current record of 25 and 48 does not show, but one would have to look at the players that are making their way through the Cubs farm system. The likes of Brett Jackson, Junior Lake, Jorge Soler, Javier Baez, and Albert Almora all figure to be impact players for the Cubs at the Major League level. The one prospect I did not mention is third baseman Josh Vitters. While Vitters has long been considered to be one of the Cubs’ top prospects, the fact that he does not fit with the Epstein regime may limit his chances of being an impact player with the Cubs.

The Cubs already have two impact players on their 25 man roster that figure to be the cornerstones of this team for many years to come. Those player being shortstop Starlin Castro, and first baseman Anthony Rizzo. While Castro debuted in 2010, both he and Rizzo are 22 years old. Castro has proved with a career line of .304/.338/.426 that he could very will transcend into elite shortstop for the Cubs. Rizzo, who has yet to play a game for the Cubs, has been highly regarded as the Cubs’ top prospect who could be the team’s version of Joey Votto. The shortstop and first base position are two vital position on a 25 man roster, and the Cubs now have both positions secured for the long-term with Castro and Rizzo in place.

But, not every team can be as fortunate as the Cubs in this regard. This is why I pose the question for this week’s poll of week: If you were beginning a baseball franchise, what player would you rather have? Starlin Castro or Anthony Rizzo. My answer would be Rizzo. Even though I may be placing too high of expectations on Rizzo, I honestly think the 22 year old first baseman could be the Cubs’ version of Joey Votto. In addition, Rizzo’s potential gold glove ability at the first base position would be enough to improve the Cubs infield defense as a whole.

Now it is your turn. Who would you rather have, Rizzo or Castro. Vote and then feel free to expand upon your selection in the comment section.