Cubs To Take Realistic Approach With Ryan Dempster


May 25, 2012; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; Chicago Cubs starting pitcher Ryan Dempster (46) throws a pitch against the Pittsburgh Pirates during the fifth inning at PNC Park. The Pittsburgh Pirates won 1-0. Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

Chicago Cubs pitcher Ryan Dempster is quickly becoming one of the hottest trade commodities in the Major League this season.

Dempster has made eight starts for the Cubs this season and the starting pitcher has yet to win a game. Though, that is not what contending teams are looking at when they scout the 35 year old Dempster. In 54.2 inning pitched this season, Dempster has an ERA of 2.14 to go along with a WHIP of 1.06. To go along with his ERA and his WHIP, Dempster has struck out 5o batters this season while only allowing three home runs and having a batting average against of .213.

Dempster’s name has surfaced in trade speculation over recent weeks and local reporters all seem to agree that the starting pitcher is towards the top of the list of Cubs players to be traded during this season. For that reason, reporters have asked Dempster about his willingness to be traded. Dempster holds 10 and 5 right thus having the rights to veto any trade he is a part in. While Dempster has been closely connected to the Cubs and the city of the Chicago, there seems to be a belief that the 35 year old pitcher would approve a trade if the Cubs approach him with one.

The trading season does not heat up for another month or so, but Dempster has already had a discussion with Cubs’ president Theo Epstein about his future with the Cubs’ organization.

"Epstein spoke with Ryan Dempsteron Monday morning and said they “chatted about a lot of different things,” including Dempster’s impending free agency.“I have a pretty good feel of where he’s coming from,” he said. “We have an open dialogue. Actually, we just chatted about chatting at some point.”Epstein said the Cubs would like Dempster back “long term” but are keeping their trade options open.“This organization is better off for having him,” he said. “We’ll have to take a realistic view of where we are. If there are ways to get better, every option has to be on the table.” Chicago Tribune"

Much like Epstein’s comments about Anthony Rizzo, one should be able to identify the Cubs plan for Dempster. They key comment is no when Epstein says the Cubs organization would be better with Dempster. The true indicator of the Cubs plan with Dempster is when the Cubs’ president says the team has to take a “realistic view of where we are”.

The Cubs are last place team that has the high potential of being the Major League’s worst team this season. In addition, as a whole, the Cubs organization is lacking the prospects in order to create the stream of talent between the farm system and the Major League team. Dempster  has been the Cubs best starting pitcher this season, and is likely the best starting pitcher on the trade market. The 35 year old is not going to be a part of the Cubs’ organization when the team is ready to contend, in fact, Dempster may not even be playing baseball when the Cubs are ready to contend. That is where things realistically stand between the Cubs and Dempster.

The realistic approach for the Cubs is going be to trade Dempster. That is what I expect the Cubs to do. Dempster may not net the Cubs a top 50 prospect, but the starting pitcher will net the Cubs a healthy package of prospects. For the Cubs, the future is in the prospects.